Social Management

Social Media Management

One of the most exciting and effective ways to communicate to your audience is through social media. But how do you engage them in such a way that they will continue to follow your work online as well as in the real world? There are some tricks and best practices that should be adhered to in order to make the most out of your social media presence. We can give you the tools you need to successfully engage your audience, collaborate or simply take over for you. AWI’s┬áSocial Media Management is catered to your needs and budget. Here are a few examples of how we approach Social Management:

Event Management

We market special events to reach their full potential online by leveraging on-site events, social events, optimally scheduled posts, open-graph tags and rich snippets.

Drive Engagement

We create posts for you based on an agreed upon campaign utilizing an editorial calendar, upcoming events, brand identity and page analytics.

Scheduled Posting

We schedule posts based on page analytics to keep your audience engaged when they are online.

Brand Management

Your brand is extremely important! It is a beacon of trust for your fans and followers. We help you keep your branding consistent across the web giving your audience a secure experience.


In many cases, we realize that you, the owner of the brand, are probably a better steward of your identity than we could ever be. We will identify your team and provide training to take on Social Management yourself. We have nothing to hide, no proprietary software that you have to pay for from us (although we do recommend some awesome 3rd party apps). We just want to lift you up to your best potential. And if that means that we hand over the reigns after rigorous training, that makes us happy! Here at AWI, it’s not about the money, it’s about a thriving artist community.