Website Development

Website Development

Building a strong website that integrates your entire online presence is a cornerstone of the modern artist’s toolkit. As the hub of your web presence, your website should provide a strong foundation to what you are about and represent the core values that you embody as an artist or organization. Fusing an engaging design, social media integration, search engine optimization (SEO), regular updates and maintenance, you can solidify your place online and stand out among the competition. We take pride in the websites we design and work with standard developing languages, allowing for other developers (or you) to modify your content easily. Here are a few things you can expect when we develop a website:


We consider WordPress to be one of the best resources available for developing websites. Although it was designed with bloggers in mind, it has become a powerful tool for websites of all shapes and sizes. We use WordPress on most of our sites unless the project calls for something that it cannot accomplish, which is rare.

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, etc…

These standard web languages along with integrated documentation make it easy for you to get help from nearly any experienced web developer should you ever need it. Some elements of the languages we use are modifiable with a little training, which we can provide.

Custom Integration

Social profiles, music pages and other profiles get integrated into your site. Whether we just link to them or add live feeds within your website, there is a way to link just about any content on the web. It is very important that your web presence is unified and we make this happen.


Search engine optimization is an incredibly important factor for being found online. We work closely with you to define the search terms that describe you and your online presence accurately and, using best practices, create engaging titles, descriptions with keywords to boost organic search. We may discuss search engine marketing (SEM) depending on your budget and the likelihood of success of this tactic in relation to your product or brand.


Keeping your site up to date is a must. Have you ever come across a “dusty ol’ site” and turned tale? We have, and we don’t want your audience to back away if they see a site that looks like it was built using technology that doesn’t render properly anymore. Not only is it visually appealing to keep your site up to date, but search engines and your audience like to see progression. If you are moving forward as an artist, your site should reflect it. We keep tabs on our clients and give you the tools you need to update content on your site without too much babysitting.